Lake Placid OTC Travel Form (Rhythmic Challenge & Invitational)
Required for all Open Championships Participants staying at the OTC
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Transportation Notes
Only those staying on-site at the OTC will be considered for transportation to/from the Albany airport. At no time is transportation guaranteed, but USA Gymnastics and the OTC staff will make best efforts for those staying on-site who have turned in flight information by January 19th.

• The request for OTC transportation must be indicated on your accommodation form
• ARRIVALS: 5:00pm or earlier at the ALB airport
• DEPARTURES: 12:00pm or later at the ALB airport
• Flight information must be turned in to USA Gymnastics by January 19th to be considered for transportation.

Please be mindful of the fact that the OTC is several hours’ distance from the Albany Airport and there are a limited number of shuttles per day. It is possible that depending on arrival time there could be several hours wait for the next shuttle.

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