𝐄𝐂𝐏𝐄 Ban Appeal Form
Be sure to answer all questions truthfully, we do fact check all of your answers.

➦ One Chance:
You only get one chance to appeal your permanent bans, make it an amazing appeal while being legitimately sincere.

➦ Automatic Denials:
If we cannot find your username in our system you will be denied. If we detect any lies in your appeal it is an automatic denial. If you try and circumvent the form and appeal again it is going to be denied. If you appeal before you have been banned for at least 90 days, you will be denied.

➦ Providing Information:
If your username isn't correct, you will be automatically denied and you will be unable to appeal your ban. Additionally, all correspondence about whether your appeal has been accepted or not will be sent to the email you provide us, so make it a valid email in case we need additional information from you.

➦ Ban Information:
In order to see what you are banned for, log onto the hub (ecpehub.net:19132) on Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and a screen will pop up with your ban reason as well as who banned you.

➦ Temporary Bans:
Please note that if your ban is temporary (meaning there is a timer on the screen) then this form is NOT for you. You will need to open a ticket via the #make-a-ticket channel in our Discord (http://discord.ecpe.network/) within 2 weeks of your ban.

If you were banned for Ban Evasion, please enter the username that was banned for Ban Evasion in the text box for the question "What is your username?" If you don't do this, we will be unable to find your ban and we will be forced to deny the appeal.

Here is an example to make sure you get it right:
MainAccount7 was originally banned for Fly/Speed Hacks for 30 days
MainAccount 7evaded that ban on an account named ExampleAltAccount123 and was banned for Ban Evasion on ExampleAltAccount123

MainAccount7 needs to enter their username as ExampleAltAccount123 under the question "What is your username".

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