Constituent Survey
Dear Friends,

Please take a moment to share your thoughts on the important issues found in the survey. I believe government works best when elected officials receive constant feedback and input from local residents.

We have extremely important issues to consider this upcoming legislative session.

Please feel free to explain your answers or share your thoughts on issues that were not specifically mentioned in the space allotted at the end of the survey.

As always, please don't hesitate to contact my office with any questions or concerns.


Patrick Joyce
State Senator, 40th District
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What is the most important issue the Illinois legislature must tackle?
What are some proposals you would support to help ease the burden of property taxes on homeowners?
Do you support a clean jobs initiative?
Do you support health care reform?
Do you support increasing funding for public education at all levels?
What types of outreach would you like to see more of from my office?
Please feel free to share your thoughts on any of your answers or other issues important to our community and state:
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