R. Scot Hockman Teacher Grant Application
Applicants must be active members of SCAEA for at least one year prior to the year of application: For this application, applicants must be a member of SCAEA/NAEA by December 2017 (must be a member for a full year prior to applying).

Applicants must teach in a K-12 setting

Grant funds must be used to support instruction during the regular school day.  The grant amount awarded may be up to $750.

Teachers that are awarded grant funds must present a session at the SCAEA State Conference following grant implementation.  This presentation will include an overview of the their grant program or unit, a description of the impact on student achievement, the impact on the teacher’s instructional practices, and examples of student and/or teacher products created through grant funds.

Grant activities must be founded on the National Visual Art Standards and provide effective, innovative art instruction.

Applications and letters of support must be submitted by 5 PM on Friday, January 11, 2019
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A letter of support from your principal is required.  Please submit the letter by email to scaea.org@gmail.com
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Part I: Description - Description of students included. *
Who will be impacted through the project.
Part I: Description - Objectives of the program *
What are your goals and objectives for this program?
Part I: Description - Description of activities *
What will the teacher do? What will the student do? How are the proposed activities innovative?
Part I: Description - Description of outcomes *
What outcomes will result from this project.  Describe student and teacher outcomes
Part II: Implementation - Procedures *
Describe the procedures and teaching strategies for the grant activities.  Include dates for activities. Include purchases included in the budget.
Part II: Implementation - Assessment *
What method(s) will you use to evaluate this program?
Part II: Implementation - Products *
What will students and/or teacher produce through the grant activities?
Part III: Budget *
What is the budget for this program?  Please provide an itemized budget with vendors for this application (Applications without an itemized budget will not be considered.)  Please remember that registration for the SCAEA conference will be provided to grant recipients.  Budget items must include only materials, products, and services included in the unit of instruction.
Part IV: Reporting *
Grant recipients must submit a summary report within 30 days of completion of their project, including an accounting of funds and copies of all documents and materials developed as part of the project. Failure to submit a final report may result in rescinding of the grant, which will require the grantee to return all grant funds, including those expended. Grant recipients, upon completion of their awards, are required to present at the SCAEA State Convention.
Part V: Reproduction Agreement *
One purpose of this grant program is to promote innovative teaching strategies.  Therefore, it is required that recipients allow SCAEA to share grant program products and strategies.  Please check below to acknowledge your consent: SCAEA reserves the right to publish and distribute the ideas, teaching techniques and strategies submitted by the applicants for these grants.  
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