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The Brown Undergraduate COVID-19 Archives ( is an ongoing project by and for Brown undergraduates, intending to document and preserve the student experience of the COVID-19 pandemic. Its collections are meant to provide a holistic view of the student experience, especially of those who are particularly affected by the virus, such as international students, UFLi students, student workers, etc. With the belief that our experiences will be useful to students and researchers in the future,  our goal is to give a space for Brown students to record their community memory during this pandemic so that their voices can be heard for years to come.

Privacy Policy & Disclaimer: Any content submitted will be used in a public archive that is freely accessible. Submissions will be stored, processed, and used by archivists, but available to be viewed by anyone with access to the archive's final website. While your personal identifying data will be required for submission, you can choose to restrict this from public view on the next page. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at

This form is for submitting textual anecdotes to be part of the archival collection. If you wish to submit non-textual items, please refer to this form:

You must be over the age of 18 to submit anecdotes to the archives.
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We're looking for anything you have to say about the experience of being an undergraduate at Brown University during the COVID-19 pandemic. This might include feelings about moving out/staying on campus, the experience of distance learning, how it has affected your mental health, how it has affected a particular demographic you identify with, how it has affected your summer experience, plans for or thoughts about the coming semester, etc. Feel free to offer anything from anecdotes describing specific experiences to opinions and thoughts about the situation as a whole.
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