Vermont Music Sector Survey
This survey is being shared with Vermont's music community so that together we can outline the desires and challenges that music-related businesses face across the state. Also to serve as an assessment of this sector's current status. The survey is anonymous, keeping data completely private. If you are a musician, venue owner/manager, or own/work in a music business in Vermont, please help us and the state's decision-makers better understand the sector and help meet its potential for success. A little bit of time and focus with this questionnaire will be an investment in the whole music industry as the information makes its way to legislators, policy-makers, and stakeholder allies.

These questions are borrowed from the Austin Music Census and the data will result in an executive report by internationally recognized consulting firm Sound Diplomacy, with support from a USDA Rural Business Development Grant. For more information visit or contact
Demographic Questions
1a. Race and Ethnicity
2a. Gender
3a. What is your age?
4a. Number of Years Living in Vermont
5a. Number of Years Working in the Music Industry
6a. Current Employment
7a. Health Care Coverage
8a. Housing: Renting or Owner
9a. Housing: Type of Residence
10a. Number of Household Contributors to Rent or Mortgage
11a. Which of the following best describes your role in the Music industry
12a. Area of Expertise
13a. What music genre do you work in or with the most?
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