Welcome to World Languages! We are excited to have you at Bravo, and more importantly that you have chosen to take Spanish as your Foreign Language class. We want you to have a positive learning experience as you begin this journey. At Bravo we offer Spanish 1 for non-native speakers, and Spanish 1 NS (Native Speakers) for those students who speak or understand the language. In order to properly place you in your level, we ask that you answer the following questions to the best of your ability. Do not use google translate, spell-check, or get help from anyone. It is imperative that you do this on your own so that you are placed in the proper level. Keep in mind that both levels will give you the same amount of graduation credits.
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Hay una pandemia y por esa razón no debemos salir de la casa. La gente se está enfadando y frustrando de estar en casa. ¿Qué haces tú todos los días para mantenerte ocupado(a) y no aburrirte? (Contesta con 5 oraciones en español)
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