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Please introduce yourself (any Co-Founders) and your startup? *
For example: Include your names, relevant background information and a high level summary of what your startup does/offers/provides
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How did you go from Idea, to MVP and launch? *
For example: tell the backstory of your startup. How did you go from idea, to building an MVP and launching to the market. The more real life facts/examples you can provide the better.
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What challenges did you face during this period and how did you overcome it? *
For example: Dive deeper on how it took you four weeks to find your first customer, but once you figured out a new marketing channel you have been able to grow at 10% each week. The more real life facts/examples you can provide the better.
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During this journey to build and launch your startup what is one thing you look back on with a sense of achievement? *
For example: Perhaps you pitched your startup for the first time, and while it wasn’t perfect you got some really insightful feedback that showed you are on the right track or maybe you signed a large customer at 5x the revenue of your previous biggest order.
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Offer us one insight, tip, marketing strategy or growth hack that has worked really well for you and your startup? This doesn’t necessarily have to relate to sales, revenue or customer growth. *
For example: As a non-technical founder I didn’t know where to start with developing the idea. As a result I would highly recommend finding a mentor to guide you. I did this by doing a, b and c…..
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How is your startup going and what do you aim to achieve in the next 3, 6, 12 months? *
For example: We only launched last month so it is still early days. In the next 3 months our focus is on a, b and c. After that we hope to be in a position where we can start looking for investment in the next 6 months. And 1 year later it would be great if we were doing x, y, z.
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Is there anything else you want to tell us about?
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Please include links where we can find you/your startup? *
For example include a link to: Your home page, Startups social profiles, Founders Linkedin or AngelList profile
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