VMC Teen Application 2017
Please complete this form if you are applying for VOX Media Cafe 2017. The only program of its kind in metro Atlanta, VOX Media Café offers a unique hands-on opportunity for teens to explore multimedia techniques for storytelling, while learning about the fundamentals of journalism and creating a tangible multimedia product.

Scholarships and sliding scale available. We don't want cost to be be a barrier. By investing what you can, you're making this program accessible for all teens. Please answer each question completely. Thank you for applying to VOX Media Cafe!

Please go to this link to pay what you can for VMC: https://voxatlanta.nationbuilder.com/vox_media_cafe

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The information below is about the teen participant. If more than one teen is applying from your family, please complete separate applications.
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Please remember: You are signing up for two full weeks of the session, 10:00 a.m. - 4 p.m. each day, Monday through Friday of each week. You must be present for the full two weeks!
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