Bay Community Theatre Volunteer Form
Please let us know what area you are interested and best suited to work as a volunteer. Provide any comments telling us of why you are selecting this area and how often you are would be available to volunteer. The number of volunteers needed vary with the type of work and the time of year.

List of volunteer positions and duties:

Theatre Assistance - Assist staff with concessions, tickets, clean entrance, clean up, arrive 30 minutes prior to the movie & stay to close up
Host/Greeter - Greet and thank folks for their support. Answer questions about BCT. Announce movie/event & let people how the Theatre is kept alive & how they can help
Maintenance - Marque, General Fix up, Painting, lights, set up & more
Fundraising - Assist the Fundraising committee on fundraising campaigns and events
Events - Assist the Programing Committee with Special Events, Concerts, Schools, etc
Marketing - Website, Social Media Marketing, and promotional activities working with the Marketing Committee

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