Do you want to feel confident, healthy and strong from the inside out?? But you are wondering....
What do I eat?
How much do I eat?
What exercises do I do?
How do I stay on track?
What if my body doesn't change?
Is this even working?

Not to worry!! That is EXACTLY what I'm here to help with! I am going to guide you every step of the way and help you in any area you may need.
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One of the most important aspects of a Fitness journey, even above weight loss, is the mental breakthroughs that occur!! There are many ways to lose weight... But there is ONLY ONE WAY to KEEP it off.. and that is by making a shift in the way you THINK about both nutrition and exercise.. And MOST importantly, the way you think about yourself and your potential! SO, my question to you is this..... Where are you at currently in your life and WHY are you READY and willing to do what it takes to CHANGE?
I'm so glad you have made the decision to work on yourself and that we can be on this journey together. I look forward to connecting and finding the best way you can get started that suites your life, however please allow 24-48 hrs for me to get back to you!!! In the meantime, if you’re joining Studio Vee & the virtual studio for studio classes, you can make payment via Etransfer to (autodeposit enabled) or with this link to use PayPal Once payment is made, your membership login will be created. This is where live zooms & recorded videos will be and where you can get Nutrition & self care resources and where you can join our FitFam support group on FB, our home base for daily motivation!! *If you are wanting more info on joining the Beachbody Challenge... or more info on starting a Freelance Fitness business of your own... or an instructor wanting to teach on the virtual platform... check the boxes below 👇🏻 I’m so excited to get started with ya 😍 much love xo ~Valerie~ *
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