Elkhart County Leaf Collection Competition 2020 - Feedback Form
Groups participating in the Elkhart County Leaf Collection Competition must complete a feedback form before December 18, 2020, in order to receive their prize money. Groups may meet this requirement by completing this Web form; alternatively, groups may complete a print version of the feedback form, which is available at https://www.elkhartcountyswmd.com/leaf-collection-competition.

If you have any questions about the Elkhart County Leaf Collection Competition, please email Allison Egan at <a.egan@en-focus.org>.
Name of Group: *
Number of Group Members: *
How did you learn about this competition? *
What strategies did your team use in collecting leaves? Which strategies were most successful / heavily used? *
What resources/tools did you use to help with the leaf collection? *
Where did you collect leaves? (In what neighborhoods?) How did you get in touch with homeowners in these neighborhoods? *
How much time did each team member spend collecting leaves, on average? *
How many trips did you make to the landfill? *
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