Officer Interest Form (Binding)
tldr; Being an officer isn't too much work if you're organized, carry on the torch of tradition, decide what shows we watch next year, and plan out the Halloween party early
Minna no Anime has a rich tradition of being run by and for its members. To continue this tradition requires replenished leadership every year so the old can pass the torch to the young. Active members of Minna no Anime should consider giving back to the club by joining the OFFICERS

Below are the simplified list of Roles:

President: The person who gets to talk first and last at meetings, organize officer meetings, delegate tasks as they arise, fill out paperwork (mostly in Fall Quarter), fill out Eplans (very easy). We strongly recommend you have had some club experience before taking this role

Treasurer: The manager of money in club, fills out paperwork, manages clubs accounts and liquid assets, takes and records membership dues and info

Webmaster: A vital position who manages the website, various voting done through the website, and sets up ordering for special events like Goshis and T-shirts. Reminder that our webmaster is selected by our current one so you dont need to be elected, just become an apprentice.

Secretary: The Email master, writes the Saturday email (Thursday email writing is rotated), is in charge of recording our members contact information and wrangling the wild PHP List (joke)

Vice-President: Traditionally in charge of important things the President doesn't want to do. Advertising (which is actually a lot of work), Google Drive, Calendar management, being a jack of all trades. Obviously be prepared to take over for the President if circumstances require it

Scribe: A newer position. Serves as the record keeper for club(like headcount, and sometimes club memeing, manages our wiki, takes notes during officer meetings and serves as an assistant to the Secretary and Webmaster

Event Coordinator: A recently revived position which entails coordinating between our clubs desires and ASI's requirements. Generally goes to ASI required meetings and assisting the Vice President and Treasurer. Also important in organizing Goshi and maybe new events.

All officers are responsible for keeping our club welcoming and available to members of the community. OFFICERS ALSO ARE THE ONES WHO DECIDE WHAT SHOWS AND MOVIES WE WATCH IN CLUB.

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(Please read our descriptions)
You can run for as many positions you want

Certain positions are more important than others so if you win those you are disqualified from lower positions.

The top to bottom order you see is the order of the office positions.

Message our #ask_an_officer on our Discord or email us if you want a more thorough explanation

What officer positions would you be interested in running for?
Are you interested in the un-elected Webmaster position?
How many years have you been relatively active in club (this year counting as one)
If you know that you will be running you can prepare a campaign speech, an image or avatar of yourself and several of the shows you known you would like club to watch, and email it to Also if you win a position prepare a description of yourself and send it to the webmaster. This will be put on the website for any newcomers to see.
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