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One of the aims of Strut Your Stuff is to provide our members and guests with things they can do or change right away. Your talk should include practical tips and advice. Explain briefly what practical tips you will offer that our members and guests can use in their own lives.
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Will you be submitting a blog? To get the most out of your SYS experience we recommend writing a blog post summarizing your talk. This blog post with be featured on the WBN blog and shared on our social media. Our Marketing & Communications committee is available to help you write your post if you'd like. Don't be afraid to ask for help! Blog post guidelines are available here: https://womensbusinessnetwork.ca/blog-guidelines/ and you can read our blog here: https://womensbusinessnetwork.ca/blog/
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The speaker is required to provide (2) door prizes: one for guests, and one for members. We encourage you to relate these in some way to your talk and/or your business, and use this opportunity as a further marketing tool.
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