Walking the Narrow Path
Anita Stettner's debut book Walking the Narrow Path - A 40-Day Journey to Finding Grace and Unconditional Love. This 40-day journey to finding grace and unconditional love will help readers grow spiritually. Being spiritually disciplined allows for healthy relationships with all aspects of life. The deep healing from the inside-out is found by cultivating the seed of love within our hearts allowing that seed to bloom in and through the body. Essentially, healing comes from doing the one thing our Creator asked us to do - LOVE.

About the author: Anita Stettner lives a Spirit lead life that cultivates kindness, peace and love in every footstep she takes. Leaving darkness and unhealthy patterns behind, her heart is anchored to Jesus and she radiates pure light and love. Passionate about her work as a spiritual yogi, mentor and coach she has inspirationally lead others to healing the body, mind and soul from the inside out. Her personal journey and heart centred approach has been a platform to helping others live balanced healthy lifestyles, to find a spiritual connection with Divine love and walk the narrow path.

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