Annual Ground Sortie Training Request
For any training requested under the monthly mission number, funded or not, a request must be submitted. All requests require a minimum of 24-hours notice (36 hours is preferred) for approval. Your contacts for ground sortie requests are 1st Lt Matt Jensen at, 906-420-1558 and Lt Col Pam Saile,, 248-420-7722.
Mission Number for Requested Sortie
Actual Training Sortie or WMIRS Practice Sortie
Team Leader Name *
Last Name, First Name
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Team Leader CAPID *
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Team Leader Email *
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Team Leader Phone Number *
Best way to contact you
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Date and Time of Sortie *
Date/time you plan to conduct the sortie. List your time as LOCAL.
Estimated Sortie Time *
How long do you plan to be out on the sortie
Estimated Fuel Cost *
How much fuel do you plan to use in a dollar amount (i.e. $50). NOTE: If requesting sortie for WMIRS Practice Mission, please insert $0.
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Cost of Fuel per Gallon *
How much is 1 gallon of regular fuel in your area? (i.e. $2.19). NOTE: If requesting sortie for WMIRS Practice Mission, please insert $0.
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Point of Departure and/or Area of Operation *
List the county, state park, area, etc
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Vehicle ID / Make / Model *
20023 / Chevy Van
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Planned Profile *
These sorties should be briefed and debriefed to a realistic scenario to best practice and train.
Unit(s) Conducting Training *
Example: MI-176 and MI-100
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Type of Training Being Conducted *
Example: Conducting simulated ELT search executed by UDF team
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Hazards to Sortie *
Example: Road Conditions, Environmental Factors, Communications Range
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Hazard Mitigation Strategies *
Example: Dress in weather appropriate clothing, communications plan
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