2018 Pivot Arts Incubator
Pivot Arts and Loyola University’s Department of Fine and Performing Arts will support the development of innovative performance works for our 2018 incubator program which runs May 21 - June 8 and culminates in a showing of works-in-progress as part of the Pivot Arts Festival. Following are guidelines and an application form. Applications are due Monday, December 11, 2017. We look forward to hearing your ideas.

Pivot Arts produces and develops contemporary performance that is unique and often multi-disciplinary. As part of the incubator program, we support performance work that is at least one of the following: hybrid (combination of text, movement, music); a unique collaboration or adventurous idea; or innovative in use of language, style or form. Artists may apply with the gem of an idea or with works that are nearing completion but we do not accept works that have been produced. Please email us if you have questions before applying: julieanne@pivotarts.org. Visit the artist page of our website for more information: http://pivotarts.org/incubator/

The incubator program will provide artists and companies with time and space at Loyola University’s Mundelein Center (1020 W. Sheridan RD in Chicago) to develop a project with opportunity for feedback from Pivot Arts staff. We recognize that many artists and companies would like more time to develop ideas but are hindered by the inability to pay for rehearsal space or by the realities of meeting performance deadlines. The incubator program allows a group of artists complete freedom to play and explore without some traditional constraints. Note, that in addition to providing space, Pivot Arts engages artists in a dialogue about their work in hopes of supporting the development of each project. We strongly discourage applicants whose sole purpose is free rehearsal space – the program is collaborative and offers artists an opportunity to be in conversation about their work with Pivot Arts, other artists and audiences.

This year for the first time the incubator program will take place during the summer session at Loyola. Artistic groups will have a minimum of a week’s time and/or up to three weeks time at Loyola to rehearse work that is in various stages of development. A rehearsal schedule will be worked out with each group. Groups and artists will have the opportunity to include students as part of their projects as actors, singers, dancers, dramaturgs/researchers, assistant directors, stage managers etc. In the past, students have proved to be valued and eager collaborators on professional projects, able and willing to take risks and to take work to the next level. However, we cannot guarantee how many students will be available to participate and groups should plan on including professional artists.

There is a minimum amount of funding for each project – the main resource provided is space. Project funding may potentially be used to pay for travel, materials and artistic stipends. Groups are expected to have additional sources of funding to support their project.

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