Dal Health Students for Healthcare Providers - HCP sign up (NB)
Between March 23 and May 1, while public schools are closed, we are offering free childcare, pickups/dropoffs of items, errands etc. to healthcare and hospital workers in our communities. These costs are not something that could have been planned or budgeted for, and many have been left scrambling to find assistance. We may not be physicians yet but we are trained to be leaders in our community and have the opportunity to help our colleagues.

Sign-up below with contact information, where you're located, and services you feel comfortable providing. Once this has been completed, we will work to the best of our ability to match you with a student based on availability and needs.

Our current policy by consensus is:
1) Students who have recently traveled/ been in close contact with travellers or are otherwise at high risk of contracting COVID-19 should refrain from volunteering.
2) Each student only volunteers with one family to minimize risk of spread.
3) Students who volunteer with seniors should not volunteer in any other settings.
4) Only students with childcare experience should volunteer to provide childcare.
5) Students who are personally at-risk, or who carry risk of spreading infection to vulnerable/elderly people in their immediate circle, should not volunteer.
6) Students may transport items but not people as we are not covered by our personal car insurance.

We are open to other suggestions on how to maintain safety and social distancing.

Disclaimer: This is a student-run initiative that will be occurring off-campus and has no affiliation with the university. There may be changes based on student availability. Please ensure timely communication between students and providers, and respect each others' limitations during this difficult time.

Student volunteer handbook: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14Y45D5A08wWEqUmSXPNDl4l8VFsRT2r2cUS9ECRsfb0/edit?fbclid=IwAR0WyzjuPSrRYGfDpWVmBmHybddP9qz_xRJIfIBHTqnUw8QeywYn6y_rCxk

For any questions/comments, please contact:
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