Civil Air Patrol Alabama Wing - Orientation Flight Request
This is used to request pilot and aircraft for CAP Cadets, J/SROTC Cadets, and public school teachers that have signed up as AE members in the Civil Air Patrol for Teacher Orientation Program (TOP).

CAP cadets - you and your parents are the first to know when you have free time to squeeze in an Orientation Flight. You can fill out this form, submit and a coordinator will look to see the availability any day of the week that you ask for. This program is structured at the squadron/group level to maximize personnel, pilots and aircraft during these training events we have throughout the year, but you can also request to fly when it is more convenient for you. So, grab a fellow CAP cadet and sign up using this form. Feel free to let your chain of command know so they can reach out to help also.

Air Force J/SROTC cadets - ROTC orientation flights are taking place right now. Let your schools Squadron Ops Officer and Squadron Liaison know to fill out this request 24 days in advance to allow for AF approval. If you have questions, contact the Orientation Flight Coordinator at

If you are a CAP AE member requesting a Teacher Orientation Program (TOP) flight, fill in your email, name, and contact phone number, then go directly to the TOP section below and answer the two questions there. Then, enter the approximate date you wish to fly. Finally, click the 1-5 option to indicate how many are intended to fly for your TOP flight unless you have already arranged with for a larger group of educator members to fly.
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Are you a member of an (your state, ex. ALWG) Wing squadron? Select Civil Air Patrol option, then choose your squadron from the dropdown below.
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Name of High School, College, or University
Have you used Civil Air Patrol in the past for orientation rides?
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If yes, which squadron and pilot?
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Are you a teacher involved with (TOP) Teacher Orientation Program? Select this option and add your school name.
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