AHIS290 end of semester survey
This is the first time this course was taught at the undergraduate level; help me figure out how to improve it for future students! With the exception of the first question, I won't read your responses until after grades are submitted, and your responses are anonymous, so please let me know even if you hated something--it helps me figure out what to cut or change so that future students don't have to suffer.

(My terrible dubstep will not change though, everyone will have to suffer through that).

Do you have any allergies or food restrictions you want me to be aware of for the last day of class?
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Which assignment(s) would you definitely keep?
Which assignment(s) would you definitely get rid of?
For the assignment/s you would get rid of, why would you suggest dropping it?
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What was the most difficult part of this course for you, and what would have made that part of the course easier for you?
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What parts of the course do you wish we had spent more time on?
See the reading schedule http://ahis290.maevekane.net/course-schedule/ for a reminder of what we've covered; parts of the course might include specific assignments, specific concepts, working with software, or anything else.
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What was the most important thing (a skill, practice with different kinds of writing, a love of powwow dubstep) you felt you got from this course?
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Do you have any advice for future students who take this course?
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