Parent Needs Assessment Survey                                              2021-2022 English Bayles Elementary
Our goal is to provide programs that meet the students' needs and that you and your child with the types of programs and services your family could benefit from this school year. Please complete this brief survey as the feedback you provide will help us determine the needs of the students individually as well as which topics we need to address in the classroom and small group sessions and to identify topics of interest that will be utilized as we plan parent meetings, student groups and school wide events.  Thank you for your time!
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My overall impression of the school counseling department is: *
Choose up to FOUR topics that you feel are most important for PERSONAL and SOCIAL development of the students at this school: *
Choose up to TWO topics that you feel are most important for ACADEMIC development of the students at this school *
Consider the following statements and indicate whether you strongly agree, agree, neither agree or disagree, disagree, or strongly disagree. *
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I am aware of the role of the school counselor.
I know how to contact my child's school counselor.
Please indicate the FOUR most important counselor activities according to student priority needs *
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Work with teachers to identify student problems and develop strategies.
Work with parents to offer tips or different ways to help child become more successful.
Assist students to prepare a plan that helps them to complete this school year successfully.
Offer individual and/or group counseling for students who have behavioral, social, or academic issues
As a parent/guardian/host parent, I would like to attend  Virtual  the SEL Parent Academies Series & I will be interested in Attending 3 other Parent Academies / Parent Workshops on the following topic(s):
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Please List Other Topics you May be Interested In
What is the best time for you to attend Virtual Parent Academies? *
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We Are A Leader In Me Campus. What Do You Know About The Leader In Me *
Share your comments regarding our school's intentions to become a Leadership Academy. *
Are You Interested In Being The Parent Representative For Our School's Lighthouse Team? (The Team That Oversees The Implementation of The Leader In Me Process/SEL) *
What comments or suggestions do you have for the school counselor? *
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