Youth Fest '19
For all young people aged 12-18 living in the Chiltern Pastoral Area and Year 6 pupils from Our Lady's and St Joseph's schools.
Location: Our Lady's Church Chesham Bois HP6 5PE, in the paddock behind the church.
The afternoon activities include a BBQ and games.
Saturday 29th June from 2pm, family mass at 5.30pm
Advance Booking for catering and other arrangements
There is no charge to attend Youth Fest '19. If you have special dietary requirements, please BYO food on this occasion. Burgers, sausages and soft drinks will be provided
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The Youth Fest is a Pastoral Area-wide event.
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I, the parent/guardian give permission for my child to take part in Youth Fest '19 at Our Lady's Church, Chesham Bois on Saturday 29th June 2018 2-5.30pm. I agree to his/her participation in the activities. I acknowledge the need for him/her to behave in an appropriate manner.
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I understand that in the event of an illness or accident every effort will be made by the event leader or other adult leaders to contact me. If for whatever reason this is not possible I agree to my son/daughter receiving medication as instructed & any emergency treatment as considered necessary by the medical authorities present. Please note that the adult leaders are not responsible for administering medication during the activity. Please contact us if you have any concerns regarding medication.
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I understand that group/activity photographs may be taken during the event in accordance with Diocesan policies. I give my consent for this. Please note that we would now presume that photos taken by young people will be displayed on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc. Please contact us if you have any concerns in relation to photographs.
Any notes/concerns re photo permission
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Information given will be used solely for the purpose for which it was given. It will be held confidentially, updated when appropriate, & destroyed when no longer required.
I am available to help set up, during the event or clear up at the end.
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Please make a note here if you have any questions and one of the organizers will be in touch. We look forward to a fun afternoon and are delighted your son or daughter will be joining us.
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