Billig Field and Volunteer Day
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Liability Waiver
In consideration of visitors being allowed to provide a service for or visit a property owned
by Pines and Prairies Land Trust (PPLT), the undersigned hereby releases PPLT, its
employees and agents, from any action, claim or demand for personal injury or property
loss arising from or due to any negligent act or omission of PPLT, its agents or employees.
This release shall have no effect with regard to damages caused by PPLT’s gross
negligence. In the event PPLT or visitor provides transportation for himself/herself or if
his/her child is visiting, this waiver and release shall extend to and release the visiting
driver or PPLT driver from any and all liability. Permission is given for any emergency
medical treatment, operation or anesthesia which might become necessary. I agree to be
responsible for the expense of medical treatment or service.
I grant PPLT permission to use and publish photographs or video images of me at this
event, including, but not limited to, on the PPLT website, official PPLT social media, and
promotional materials.
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