Newton Public Schools - Community Connection Event for Parents
The Newton Public Schools are organized as "community schools". If you are not familiar with the concept of community schools, please view the brief video below.

We have developed strong partnerships with a variety of community organizations in and around the Town of Newton to: (1) broaden and deepen the range of services, resources, and developmental opportunities available to students; (2) address the needs of parents and families by strengthening the parent-school relationship as an asset to student learning; and (3) link classrooms and teachers to community resources and professionals in ways that support student learning.

This 3 question survey asks about your interest in attending an event to make purposeful connections between parents and community organizations. Our intent would be to have a mutually beneficial experience where both the community organizations and our parents leave with something of value.

What is a community school?
If you had an opportunity to interact with community organizations for an evening, what type of organization would interest you? (please select all that apply) *
What would you hope to walk away with from such an opportunity? (please select all that apply) *
If we are able to hold this event during the first week of March 2019, would you attend? *
Feel free to share any other thoughts you have about how the Newton schools could help parents connect with community organizations.
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