PNLT Board of Directors nomination form
Are you interested in serving on the Board of Directors of the not-for-profit Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust (PNLT), or maybe you know someone who should?

PNLT is currently seeking nominations for new Board members. At our May 25th Annual General Meeting, we will vote to add 7 new board members. Please fill out this form to submit a nomination.

About PNLT's Board of Directors:
The PNLT is a community controlled organization that is guided by - and accountable to - our members (anyone who lives or works in Parkdale). Our Board of Directors is the decision making body of PNLT and is democratically elected from and by our membership.

Nomination Priorities:
We encourage nominations that will strengthen the Board in key areas. We're looking for board members who are: (any of the following)
• members of diverse communities that are prominent in Parkdale
• tenants in rooming houses, bachelorette buildings or other small rental apartment buildings in Parkdale
• tenants in coops in Parkdale
• younger (below 30) or older (65+)
• immigrants and or ESL speakers
• experienced in real estate and property development, mortgage and real estate finance, urban planning, fundraising or have contacts in donor communities.

Eligible nominees, will be formally nominated by the Nominations Committee and will stand for election at the May 25th AGM.
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