RSVP / PICKS FOR: WNBA-Charlotte's Great Group Reads Bookclub: Picks for 2020-21/ Wednesday Oct 28, 7:00-8:30pm, Mugs Coffee (5126 Park Rd., Charlotte, )
Lets get together LIVE and picks the books to read from December 2020 to October 2021. Great Group Reads Chair Kristen Knox will give an informative run-down of the 2020 list, which will be the basis of all titles for the calendar. CANNOT GO but want to vote on specific titles? No problem! CHECK YOUR FAVES BELOW for us to note.
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CHECK THE TITLES YOU'D LIKE TO READ THIS YEAR, if you wish to. There are 20 titles to choose from, pick as many as you'd like. Our Bookclub meets the first Tuesday of every month, beginning in December. This year will by either online or in person at a South Charlotte location. TBD. **For detailed descriptions of titles, visit
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