Bullying Intervention Notification
It is our goal at CMS to identifying instances of bullying or suspected bullying and prevent it. Not all students feel comfortable coming forward to the principal or teachers; this is a way to let the administration be aware of issues at school without calling attention to yourself.
Information provided on the forms are kept confidential, names of the submitting person will NOT be shared with anyone. The goal is for students to feel safe and understand this is a secure form going directly to the principal.
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When did incident occur? (Please give us at least an approximate time/date; it may help us isolate an incident on cameras). *
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Where did the incident occur? You may select more than one if the incident has carried over from one or more areas. *
If you can, please describe the incident in your own words. Feel free to include WHO or WHAT happened. This information is to help us understand and stop the behavior; NOT to point out who submitted the information. Your personal information is not going to be shared! *
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Were there any witness to what happened?
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