ISJ Research Conference 2019 - Call for Proposals
15th Annual University of Kansas Professionals for Inclusion and Social Justice (ISJ) Graduate Student Research Conference on February 28, 2019

KU Professionals for Inclusion and Social Justice (ISJ) is pleased to announce the theme for the 15th Annual ISJ Graduate Student Research Conference:

Paradigm Shift: Engagement, Evolution, and Empowerment through Research
We use the term “paradigm shift” as it pertains to interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation to improve the lives of individuals and communities. This is a call to examine the impact of ideas and knowledge—old and new—on society through comprehensive research. The theme relates to a diversity of topics, populations, frameworks, and methods explored by graduate students at KU.

Potential topics may include, but are not limited to:
• How or why certain evolving practices, structures, or discourses privilege or marginalize particular populations or identities
• How advances in the arts and sciences empower individuals (including researchers and practitioners) and communities
• Historical analysis of past efforts to improve future practices
• How engagement of key stakeholders in the research process can enhance the potential for impact
• Use of statistical analysis to examine relationships between innovative practices and group outcomes
• How engagement within a classroom, public space, or business facilitates or impedes inclusion

Graduate students who are working on theoretical papers, original research, book chapters, research synthesis, literature reviews, action research, thesis/dissertation research, and other types of papers and presentations are encouraged to submit proposals.

Conference Information
This interdisciplinary conference will bring together students and professionals from multiple departments at the University of Kansas to share ideas, collaborate, and learn from one another. Additionally, this conference provides an opportunity for participants to receive feedback on their research in preparation for upcoming national and international conferences. We seek submissions that represent a range of perspectives across disciplines, departments, and colleges.

The conference will be held at KU Memorial Union Thursday, February 28, 2019.


1. Complete the online proposal submission form below. You may find it helpful to prepare the required abstract information in a word document beforehand and then copy and paste it into the online proposal submission form.

2. Abstracts should be 100-250 words in length.

3. Conference proposals must be received by Friday, December 21, 2018 at 11:59 pm.

If you have questions regarding proposal submission, including questions about the relevance of a potential proposal topic, please contact


The conference committee will review all submitted proposals. The conference committee includes graduate students from a variety of departments at The University of Kansas. A broad array of topics and a variety of presentation formats will be selected. Presenters will be notified of proposal acceptance by January 7, 2019. *BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR EMAILS*

ISJ Research Conference Leadership Subcommittee Members:

Haidee Jackson - Special Education
Jay Schulz - Applied Behavioral Science
Jennifer Potter - Music Education
Pegah Naemi - Social Psychology
Sarah Tackett - Health, Sport, & Exercise Science
Suman Rath - Special Education
William Proffitt - Special Education

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