Opportunity Funds Application Form - Uruguay 2021-2022
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Application Deadline: November 30, 2021 at 23:59 hs
Description of the EducationUSA Opportunity Funds Program
Please read this entire document before applying: bit.ly/FondosDeOportunidadFAQ

EducationUSA is a global network of more than 450 advising centers in over 180 countries supported by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the U.S. Department of State. EducationUSA centers actively offer information and guidance to qualified individuals on how to best access opportunities in U.S. higher education. For more information please visit educationusa.state.gov.

Opportunity Funds is a program of the Education and Cultural Affairs branch of the U.S. Department of State. The program provides funds to support students who demonstrate a strong academic background, great potential for succeeding at a U.S. institution of higher learning, and come from modest backgrounds, often from underrepresented populations in their own country. The program covers the up-front costs of applying to university in the United States and provides one on one guidance for the students throughout the college application process, with the hopes that students will then earn a full scholarship from the university itself.
Application Instructions and Important Information
Please read this document before applying: bit.ly/FondosDeOportunidadFAQ

Please read and follow the instructions carefully to determine if you are eligible for the Opportunity Funds Program BEFORE submitting your application.

1. You are eligible to apply ONLY if you fulfill ALL of the following requirements:

- You have a desire and ability to complete a full 4-year university degree in the U.S.
- You are an Uruguayan citizen, and not a U.S. citizen
- You are graduating from high school in 2022, or graduating in 2021 and are willing to take a sabbatical year (currently in 5to, o 6to)
- Your grade point average (promedio académico) is 10 or above in the previous three years of high school.
- You speak and write in English at an advanced level (B2/First or above, no exam necessary)
- You have demonstrated leadership skills and participation in extracurricular activities
- You are unable to cover the costs of applying to U.S. universities
- You attend a public high school, UTU, charter high school, or private high school with a scholarship of 90% or higher (if you do not comply with this requirement, please apply to our Competitive College Club at this link bit.ly/CCCUruguay2022)

2. The application includes a few personal essays and requires you submit a 1-2 minute video on YouTube (see instructions in Section 2 Study Goals). Please take time to complete this application and prepare your answers to essay questions before hand, and then copy and paste them into the form.

3. Applications are due by November 30th. At that time we will review all submissions. Submit your application form and email a copy of the following documents to uruguay@educationusa.org.uy:

- A copy of your 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 grade report cards or transcript (boletines)
- A letter of authorization to participate in the program signed by your parents/legal guardians. Please have your parents print and sign the form here: http://bit.ly/ParentAuth.

Important notes:

1. Application must be completed in ENGLISH. If you complete it in Spanish your application will be automatically rejected.
2. If selected, you will be asked for documentation to support the information you provide.
3. Students who want to pursue a career in medicine, law, or veterinary studies are not eligible for this program.

For more information, please send a message to uruguay@educationusa.org.uy
SECTION 1 - Personal Information
First names: *
Last names: *
Birth Date: *
Citizenship status *
Cedula ID Number *
E-mail: *
Cell phone number *
Home phone number
Address: Include street address, neighborhood, city and department *
Are you able to commit at least two hours a day to prepare for the application process and to regularly attend online sessions for the next 12-18 months? *
How did you find out about Opportunity Funds *
SECTION 2 - Study Goals
Please spend time to prepare your answers to these questions. You can write them in a separate word document and then copy and paste your responses into the blanks.

Your responses should be between 150 and 350 words for each question.
How did you find out about the Opportunity Funds Program? What made you want to apply? *
Your response should be between 150 and 350 words.
Why do you want to study in the U.S.? What do you want to study at University? What field or fields of study interest you and why? *
Your response should be between 150 and 350 words.
What are your plans and goals after finishing college? How would studying in a U.S. university help you achieve those goals? *
Your response should be between 150 and 350 words.
Tell us about a time when you faced a challenge, setback, or failure. How did it affect you, and what did you learn from the experience? *
Your response should be between 150 and 350 words.
Upload a 1-2 minute video of yourself in which you introduce yourself and describe one passion, personality trait, activity, past experience, or characteristic that makes you unique. Describe why this is important to you. This should be something that you haven't already shared in this application. Upload to YouTube and paste the link here. If you upload it as a private/unlisted video on YouTube, you must grant access to uruguay@educationusa.org.uy to view it. The video should be in ENGLISH. *
NOTE: Please make sure the video has high sound and video quality.
Do you understand that a traditional degree from a U.S. university takes 4 years to complete? *
SECTION 3 - High School Information
Name of High School: *
School type *
NOTE: If you go to a private school please provide a letter from the school certifying you receive a scholarship and the award amount. Email a copy of this document to uruguay@educationusa.org.uy
Expected Graduation Year: *
NOTE: If you are graduating in 2021 you will need to take a gap year to participate in this program
What was your GPA (promedio académico sobre 12) in 2018? *
What was your GPA (promedio académico sobre 12) in 2019? *
What was your GPA (promedio académico sobre 12) in 2020? *
ACTIVITIES: Create a bullet-point list of all volunteering, extracurricular activities, church groups, clubs and sports you have participated in since 2017. *
Please indicate in which years you participated in these groups and add descriptions as necessary.
AWARDS: Create a list of all awards you have won either in or outside of school since 2017. Please describe any achievements you are proud of, both formal and informal. *
(e.g. flag bearer, flag escort, class delegate, Olympiads, Model UN, sports, music, drama, club awards, etc.)
Have you been a participant in a U.S. Department of State exchange program? *
If your answer is yes, please provide program name and date of travel
Do you work currently or have you ever worked in the past? Please describe activity and amount of hours. *
SECTION 4 - English Language Proficiency
How did you learn English? Check all that apply. *
How would you rate your English level? *
Have you taken any international English exams? If so, which ones (please include type of exam, date taken and grade received)? *
Do you use English regularly? Please explain. *
E.g. Do you read books/magazines/blogs in English, watch videos/movies, etc.?
Have you ever travelled to any countries outside of Uruguay? Where, when and for what purpose? *
SECTION 5 - Family and Household Information
Are you the first person in your family to attend university? *
I live with: *
My parents are: *
How many brothers and sisters do you have? Please list their ages. *
Who do you live with? Please list all family members you live with and their relationship to you. *
Mother's full name *
Mother's highest level of education completed *
Mother's current occupation and employer (If your mother does not currently work, answer "unemployed") *
Father's full name *
Father's highest level of education completed *
Father's current occupation and employer (If your father does not currently work, answer "unemployed") *
Does your family own a business? *
If the answer is yes, what kind of a business is it?
Family's TOTAL (mother+father) estimated monthly income (LIQUIDO en pesos uruguayos) *
What kind of property do you live in? *
Does your family pay rent or own this property? *
Does your family own any other properties? For example, a vacation home or rental property? If so, please list them below. *
Does your family own a car/cars? If so, please list the model, brand and year of each car. *
Can you please tell us if you are facing any kind of financial hardship at the moment? If so, please describe it.
Is there any additional information you'd like for us to know that you have not already shared in this application?
Please let us know of any special circumstances or things you'd like to point out.
SECTION 6 - Applicant's E-Signature
By signing (typing your legal name) in the space below, you are certifying that all information is correct and that you are the person completing this application.
E-Signature: *
Today's Date: *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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