Costume-Con 36 Participant Sign up: Panels, Presentations, and Workshops.
The form gets a bit long, but it is thorough. Required fields are marked with an asterisk. Any non-required sections can be left blank at your discretion, and will be interpreted as you having no interest or opinion on that item. However, the more information we collect now, the less conflicts we have to resolve at a later date and the sooner we can get a schedule published.
Programming participants must sign up no later than March 3rd in order to guarantee consideration for this year's convention.
Your name (that you used or will use to purchase your CC-36 membership)
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Your badge name (if different from your registered name). This is the name by which you will be referenced in the programming book, website, and schedule.
This could be your cosplay name, the name you blog under, or simply your first name and last initial. Skip this question and we'll use the name you listed above.
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email address
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Are you a vendor at CC-36?
Great! Your vendor registration includes a con badge, which makes you eligible to host programming.
Your BIOGRAPHY, as you would like it to read in the program book and on the convention website.
This should be a concise introduction to yourself which would help attendees decide that they would like to attend a programming item you're presenting. You will be given the chance to review your biography at a later date.
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Is this your first Costume-Con?
If so, let us be the first to say Welcome to Costume-Con! Being new to our community in no way prohibits you from participating in programming, as we are always looking for something new to learn. But it will help the programming team ensure we get a good mix of panelists with varied backgrounds and experience.
Additional Info
Please do not assume that the programming team is familiar with you and your work. If you possess experiences or expertise which you feel make you particularly qualified to be a presenter, we invite you to share that with us. This could include relevant employment, educational background, volunteer commitments, or other experiences which you believe we should consider. This information is NOT shared outside of the programming team.
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Your Interests
Tell us what sort of programming you might be interested in presenting.
Are you interested in being on PANEL presentations? Panels typically have 3-5 panelists, one of which moderates the discussion among them all for an audience.
The programming team is collecting ideas for panels, both from prospective panelists via this form and from all attendees via the website. A few months before the convention, we'll email everyone who said they were willing to be on panels to recruit for curated list of offerings.
While the programming team will recruit for specific panels later on, it is helpful to know what you're interested in. Please list the topics you might be interested in sitting on a panel to discuss. You may list as many as you like, and need only put general titles and descriptions, like prop making or sewing from vintage patterns.
Your answer
Do you have an idea for a specific panel that you would absolutely love be on? Have more than one? Please use this space to elaborate, including both a title and a sample panel description. The programming team can recruit additional panelists closer to the convention, but if you have someone in mind that you would like to present this with you, please let us know.
Your answer
If scheduled on a panel, are you willing to serve as the panel's moderator? Moderators should prepare a list of questions or topics used to prompt discussion, as well as keep the discussion moving and facilitate any questions or comments from the audience.
A guide for moderators will be provided prior to the convention for those who would like a bit of guidance. The programming team is happy to help moderators of panels prepare a list of talking points, if so desired.
Are you interested in acting as a discussion leader for Round Tables? If so, please list topics of discussion which you might be interested in leading.
The programming team is happy to help round table discussion leaders prepare a list of talking points, if so desired.
Your answer
Do you have a Lecture, Demonstration, or other solo presentation which you would like to submit for consideration? Please give us both a title and a description (3-4 sentences is usually sufficient). The default programming slot is 50 minutes. If you need more time than this, please let us know.
You could present the research behind a recent costume project (like Recreating Queen Elizabeth's Coronation Gown), a lecture on specific topic (such as an overview of skirt shapes and how to pattern them), a practical demonstration (routine sewing machine maintenance) or something else entirely.
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Do you have a workshop you would be interested in teaching? Please give us both a title and a description, as well as note the anticipated class length, maximum number of students, and estimated materials fee in US dollars.
The programming team will accept student sign ups for workshops at the convention. You will have the opportunity to finalize class requirements at a later date, estimates are sufficient for now. Please note that any materials fees for workshops are collected by the instructor at the time of the workshop and should cover only the cost of consumable supplies for student use. It is assumed that workshop leaders are donating their time and should not include compensation in the fee for teaching or kit preparation. Costume-Con 36 will not accept advance attendee registration for individual workshops, make any guarantees as to minimum participation, nor compensate instructors for the cost of unused materials.
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Scheduling Conflicts
Help us avoid scheduling conflicts before they happen.
Do you have times during which we should take care not to schedule you on programming?
For example, do your travel plans have you arriving late on Friday or leaving early Monday? Are you busy with setup or tear down in the vendor or exhibit hall? Or perhaps you're a night owl or driving in daily and would appreciate not being scheduled for panels before a certain time of morning.
Your answer
Panels and Presentations are never scheduled opposite the stage competitions. However, please let us know if you intend to participate in any of them, in which case we will not schedule you for programming items which take place two hours prior to their start time.
If you require MORE than two hours to prepare for a competition, please mark the competition here and elaborate in the next question.
Do you have other responsibilities to the convention for which the programming team would need to coordinate around?
For example, are you judging a competition or volunteering elsewhere in the con? Do you have responsibilities which make you unable to be on programming items scheduled back-to-back? Perhaps you'll need more than two hours to prepare for a competition or just cannot serve as a presenter on a specific day.
Your answer
What is the maximum number of programming items that we can schedule you on in a single day?
You are welcome to break it down by day, for example: 1 on Friday, 2 on Saturday, nothing on Sunday or Monday.
Your answer
What is the maximum number of programming items we should not exceed scheduling you on over the duration of the convention?
Your answer
Was there anything not previously addressed that you feel the programming team should know?
Do you have any special needs relating to programming that we should plan to accommodate? Is there anyone likely to attend that you would be uncomfortable being on a panel with?
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