Winter WitchCamp 2019 Registration
Welcome to registration for Winter WitchCamp 2019 - Labyrinths!

Stepping into the balance between sustainability, accessibility, just compensation, and necessity, the WWC Weavers have decided to adjust the Pay as You Can model for WWC 2019 to a sliding scale of $100 to $880, with a non-refundable deposit of $50. The budgeted cost of camp per camper is $456. We hope that people who can will pay more than the average cost per camper to support those who need to pay less.

This change continues our spell and commitment to explore and heal our relationship with money. For WWC 2018, we took in $1,000 less than we needed to cover costs, and this was paid for out of reserves. In addition, we had five campers simply not show up to camp in a year in which many people were disappointed to not get in. We are shifting, balancing, and weaving our magic and community conversations to create a Camp that is accessible (both physically and financially), sustainable, and supports our magic at Camp and in all the Worlds.

In the coming years we will continue to evaluate and evolve this financial model as camp needs and resources fluctuate. We are not alone. We trust in the abundance and values of our interdependent and deeply hospitable community.

We will be hosted for the second time by The Audubon Center of the North Woods which is a wildlife refuge on a deep and welcoming lake on over 500 acres that embodies many of the core values of our community including maintaining wild spaces and green energy sourcing as well as being very clean and well maintained. For more information please go to

In the likely event that camp registration fills up, we will create a waiting list. As registration shifts and settles between now and camp, we will reach out to those on the waiting list as spaces become available. To keep the waiting list viable, we are making a couple of changes. The registrar will reach out to those on the waiting list around the Winter Solstice to confirm interest in coming to camp. Those no longer interested or who do not respond to the email will be removed from the waiting list on January 1, 2019. If needed, we may reopen registration after January 1. For 2018 camp we were actively offering spots right up until about a week before camp.

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Affinity Groups are small groups that meet at camp for one hour a day to share experiences and gain support. Traditionally they are randomly or magically selected on the first day of camp, however we honor those who wish to form their own groups around subject, identity, activity, or some other way of organizing. We'd like to get a sense of numbers for this prior to camp for planning purposes.
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