Business Testimonials for Senator Ron Johnson and His Congressional Colleagues
In his capacity as Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson has sent three separate letters to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Robert Califf seeking answers on the recent "deeming regulation" for electronic cigarettes and vapor products. Senator Johnson and many of his colleagues in Congress have asked about the consequences of these regulations, which is why it is important that you share your story and information about your business.

Please provide honest answers and best estimates that can be provided to members of Congress and their staff.
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Estimated Costs Associated with Complying with FDA Deeming Regulation
The FDA estimates that the cost of applying for the required Pre-Market Tobacco Application is roughly $300,000 and will take 500 hours per product, per SKU. Some estimates indicate that cost is closer to $1 million per product, per SKU, without guarantees that any application will actually be accepted. Please estimate in the next series of questions what this will mean for your business and/or the availability of products you currently sell. For example, if you manufacture 5 different e-liquids with 3 different SKUs, the FDA estimates that your 15 PMTAs will cost $4.5 million and require 7,500 hours to complete. These applications are due in less than two years, at latest.
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Do you have any additional information you feel might be helpful to share, such as, for example, whether the deeming regulation has impacted your decision to expand your business?
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Additional Information About You - For General Use
Specific identifying information collected from the following answers will not not be shared with Senator Johnson's office or the HSGAC. This information is being retained to get a broader picture and background on the entrepreneurs in this industry. This information is not required but will be helpful in demonstrating the makeup of the diverse vapor industry. Top-line information will be shared, such as: 56% of respondents were females, or 23% of respondents were between the age of 35 and 44.
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