2018 Art Installation Registration Form
What is art? You decide! Everyone is encouraged to create art at Mosaic, from small and portable to large sculptural pieces, and performance art to interactive games. Art is a wonderful way to deepen your participation with the community.

Please consider the safety of fellow participants when designing your art. Signs can help people know how to interact with your art installation – for example, can they climb on it? Is it okay to write/paint on it? Be clear about your intentions and the community will follow. Check out our website to download signs created to help you communicate your intentions, or feel free to make your own: http://www.mosaicexperiment.com/blog/consent-matters

Registering all art is not required, but if you are bringing a large art piece, have questions about placement, and want a registered spot on the placement map, you must register your art installation. Not sure? Go ahead and register! Questions? Contact placement@mosaicexperiment.com.


Project Title *
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Public Description *
Please provide a short paragraph that describes your art to your fellow burners.
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Was this project approved for a Mosaic Art Grant? *
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What do you envision for your piece? What is the ideal location for your art? Would you prefer it be displayed with other art or on its own? Do you prefer a louder or quieter sound scape? Give us as much detail as possible!
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Space Requirements & Project Size *
How much space will you need to build it? Is it movable? What are the dimensions of the finished product?
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Will your art piece have amplified sound? *
Speakers, live/recorded music, chanting monks? Give us all the details!
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Would you like to camp with your art? *
If yes, please provide what style of camping (RV's will still need to be registered, refer to your artwork in your RV camping submission).
Burning plans *
Does your piece include fire? Would you like to burn it? Do you have a fire safety plan? All flame effects, open fire, or performance fire will go under review of Fire Safety to be approved.
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