MineZ Builder Application
Please read each question and respond to all. Failing to provide an album of your prior builds will result in an immediate rejection.
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What is your Minecraft username (IGN)? *
What is your discord username? If you are selected, this is how we will reach out to you. *
Please provide an Imgur link to your Build Portfolio. Try to include a variety of builds in your portfolio (Terrain, Organics, Structures, Interior, Redstone, etc) *
Which of these tools do you have experience with? *
If you are not selected for the MineZ build team, would you be interested in submitting builds as a player if provided with specific projects by Staff? *
Doing so could earn you an invite to the MineZ build team in the future.
The MineZ team often meets in the Shotbow discord. As a member of the team, you would be expected to join in on discussions. The MineZ team communicates in English. Would this be an issue? *
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