Summer Reading Family Survey
Each summer we plan a 9-week summer reading challenge designed to encourage independent reading combined with stories and activities provided by the library. We would appreciate your feedback to prepare future events. Thank you!
How do you receive information about our events?
Is the booklet of information for all ages helpful?
Do you like the independent style of the reading?
It would be helpful if there were check-in times during the summer as incentive for my child to read.
Do you try to attend the library programs?
Which style for program do you prefer?
Which time of day works best for your family to attend programs at the library?
Which activities did you like the best this summer, if any? And why?
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Which activities did you NOT enjoy this summer, if any? And why?
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What types of programs would you like to see at the library? Please explain.
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Do you like that your child may receive a free book during the first week of registration?
Do you use the free coupons distributed by the library?
My child completed the reading challenge?
Prizes at completion of challenge are important?
I am interested in an on-line registration and tracking option for the summer reading challenge.
Please add any additional comments below.
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Thank you again!
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