Wi-fi Hotspot Request/Check Out Form 2021-2022
Lathrop R-II has purchased a limited number of wireless Internet access points for our students who have no Internet access. Please call 816-659-2330 or email chris.fine@lathropschools.com if you have any questions.
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We agree to use the hot spot in accordance with our acceptable use policy the same as we would as if we were connected to the network at school. *
Without this district provided hotspot and internet access, I would otherwise lack access to internet services sufficient to engage in remote learning off campus (check one).
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We understand the Kajeet Wireless Hotspot and the charger provided are the property of the school and we will return it immediately upon the request of the school. *
We agree to monitor our student's usage of the Internet because even though this hotspot is equipped with a CIPA Compliant filter, it still may be possible for our student(s) to access unacceptable content. *
We understand that the school can and does monitor both the time used and Internet sites accessed by this hotspot.
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We agree to pay for any damages to the equipment, or to repair or replace any of the items received if determined to be necessary by the school or Kajeet. *
Parent/Guardian: By typing my name below I indicate that I agree to all terms and conditions stated above. *
Each students named typed below indicates that he/she agrees to all terms and conditions stated above. *
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