BlackProGen LIVE - 2019 Topic Suggestions
Thanks for hanging with the BlackProGen LIVE crew during our fourth season on the air. We want to hear from you, our treasured viewers! Please provide your feedback below on potential topics for the 2019 Season.
What special interest topics would you like to see us cover? *
African American Historical Reenactors
African American Sailors and Naval Service
Busting Down Myths About African American Family History
Stories from the Equal Justice Initiative (Lynching Memorial)
Researching Relatives with Criminal Pasts
The Freaky Underside of Genealogy (Brothels, prostitution, etc.)
Researching People of Color Families in Isolation
Occupational Genealogy Research (Pullman porters, railroad workers, unions, etc.)
Medical History and Records
400th anniversary of Africans being brought to the Jamestown
Researching Athletics for Genealogy
International African American Museum’s Center for Family History with Toni Carrier and Robin Foster
Connecting with the Slave Owners Descendant
Travel to Our Mother Countries
Who Has the Right to Tell My People’s Stories?
What regional topics would you like to see us cover? *
Caribbean Genealogy Research
Canadian People of Color Genealogy
New Orleans People of Color Genealogy Research
Mobile People of Color Genealogy Research
Washington DC People of Color Genealogy Research
What DNA topics would you like to see us cover? *
Ask Mariah: The DNA Edition
Making Sure You Stay Comfortable as Innovation Continues
Tales from the Genome Part 2
What toolkit topics would you like to see us cover? *
Newspapers for People of Color Research
Southern Claims Commission
Congressional Records
Getting the Most From Your Research Trip
People of Color Cemeteries and Funeral Homes
Researching People of Color in Church Records
Time period specific resources: Reconstruction, roaring 20s, the 70s etc.
Biracial Americans Born Following Loving vs. VA
Researching Ancestors through Photography
Technology and Genealogy
Researching Our Matriarchs
Understanding the Law and Genealogy
Reverse Genealogy and Tracing the Living
Are there any other topics you'd like to suggest?
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