Coffee Buying Habits
Thank you for supporting Presto, we're always striving to make sure we deliver the best experience possible and would love to hear more about your coffee drinking habits and preferences to help us do this.

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How was it that you found Presto? *
Which of our products have you purchased? *
Are there any Presto products that you would like to try but haven't yet purchased? *
Do you always buy the same blend or do you regularly explore new coffees? *
Why do you like buying your coffee from Presto? *
And what do you think is Presto's unique selling point? *
Do you vary the blend of coffee you drink depending on the time of day or how you are feeling? *
How many times have you bought from Presto? *
On average how frequently do you purchase coffee from Presto? *
Before buying Presto, what sort of coffee did you previously buy? Select up to three options *
Do you add any of the following to your daily coffee? *
What equipment/machine do you use to brew your coffee at home? *
When buying a coffee from a coffee shop what is your drink of choice? *
When buying a coffee from a coffee shop do you regularly have it flavoured? eg a caramel latte *
When buying a coffee online what are the biggest pain points? Please select up to 2 options *
When topping up your cupboard, what would be the ideal pack size/weight? *
And what would be the ideal packaging format? *
How important is the level of caffeine in the coffee you buy *
Not important at all
Very important
Would you like to have more control and transparency in the amount of caffeine in the coffee you buy? *
What are your favourite coffee brands and why? *
Which of the below factors are important to you when buying a coffee for the first time? *
Very unimportant
Quite unimportant
Neither important nor unimportant
Quite important
Very important
Ease of Purchase
Love the brand
Ethically & sustainably sourced
Strength of coffee
Tasting notes
Origin of the coffee
Roast profile (eg dark or light)
Quick delivery
Which of the below sustainability initiatives is most important to you? *
very unimportant
Quite unimportant
Neither important nor unimportant
Quite important
Very important
100% Recyclable packaging
Farmer Welfare
1% for the planet
1 tree planted per bag sold
BCorp Certified
Net Zero Carbon Emission
Rainforest alliance certified coffees
Compostable packaging
What new products are you most excited about? Select up to two options. *
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