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Are you a product or service based business?
For 90% of your stocks / raw materials cost, do they allow you to make payment in 2 / 3 months time?
For 90% of your manpower cost, you only pay only after you are assured payment from customers? (like for example, Uber only pays the driver only after confirming payment from passengers)
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Estimated billing per customer
Give me an average billing that you would bill per customer every time you serve him / her
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Estimated costing per customer
Give me an direct average costing incurred while serving per customer. Example, if you are a restaurant. Every customer is expected to pay S$ 30.00 and food cost is about S$ 10.00
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Estimated total revenue for the current financial year
Give an estimate to the nearest S$ 100,000, or more exact if you are able to.
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Estimated cost of all salaries, rental cost, etc for the current financial year
Including any running cost that you have to incur to continue running the business
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