UNIHACK Melbourne Diversity Scholarship
There is a lack of diversity within the IT industry, with groups that are extremely underrepresented.

These include, but are not limited to: women in the workforce; indigenous Australians; people from diverse genders and sexualities; diverse cultural backgrounds; people with disabilities; people from rural and regional areas; and people from financially and socially disadvantaged backgrounds.

We'd like to invite competitors from underrepresented backgrounds to apply for the Diversity Scholarship so that we can support you. We're looking for those who have high potential to, or who have already, made some contribution to the student community, tech communities, or helping underrepresented groups in tech.

Successful scholarship applicants will be given access to the Diversity ticket price - $10 off General Admission.

We will contact you if you have been successful. Successful or not, we'll provide tips and tricks to help prepare yourself and do well during the hackathon.

UNIHACK simply aims to give a safe space to learn new technologies and hang out with like-minded people to make some fun projects. You do not need to be a pro hacker to attend a hackathon! Last year, more than 50% of attendees were using a stack they had never used before.

We are open to any skillset - UI/UX Designer, Ideator/Entrepreneur, Hardware, Developer - the only requirement is an interest in technology!
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