HMF Community Opinion Survey
Thank you to everyone who came and supported the Hamtramck Music Festival! We had a blast seeing so many bands who donated their time and talent to our cause. We are also grateful to the venues who hosted us throughout the weekend.

This is a community festival and your input is important to us. We are looking for YOUR comments, thoughts, experiences, suggestions, and anything else that would make next year's festival better. Tell us what you liked, what could be better, what we should avoid next year, and so forth.

This survey is completely anonymous.

How many Festival days did you attend? *
Did you attend the Kick-Off Party at the Planet Ant/Ghost Light Bar Complex *
How many daytime/all ages events did you attend? *
Did you use the HMF free shuttles? *
Did you feel the HMF shuttles were helpful? *
What was your go-to guide for Festival schedule? *
What do you think about the wristband price ($10)? *
How much did you spend at the Festival not including the wristband? *
Other than the Festival, how often did you visit in Hamtramck in the past year? *
What did you like about the Festival? *
Please tell us about anything and everything, from venues, sound, favorite bands, new bands that you discovered, food trucks, etc.
What should we do differently next year? *
Again, this survey is anonymous, so please provide us with any constructive criticisms that would make your experience and everyone else's better in the upcoming years.
At what venues did you spend most of your time? *
Did you attend the Pop-Up Record Shop or Sunday Brunch at PLAV Post 10? *
How did you hear about the Hamtramck Music Festival? *
Tell us about your favorite experience from the Hamtramck Music Festival. *
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