Ngāti Manu Registration Form
The purpose of the Ngāti Manu Registration Form is to establish and build the Ngāti Manu database. By registering as a member of Ngāti Manu you:
• Connect with your marae and hapū and all the exciting developments happening here
• Receive our updates and hear what your Ngāti Manu whānau are up to
• Can be involved in shaping Ngāti Manu future and direction
• Participate in strengthening Ngāti Manu
• Will receive information as Ngāti Manu scholarships become available
• Can participate in voting

Information is requested for the Ngāti Manu Register as used by Te Tāhuhunu Nui o Ngāti Manu (Post Settlement Governance Entity).

The criterion for membership is Whakapapa. For whangai who do not whakapapa to Ngāti Manu the wider whānau are to make a decision regarding eligibility to be registered as whānau (voting rights) or as an auxiliary member (no voting rights).

Information provided
The information you provide:
• Is administered by Te Tāhuhunu Nui o Ngāti Manu
• Is confidential
• will be used to establish a register of Ngāti Manu members and beneficiaries

Registrations are validated by kaumātua representatives from within 13 identified tūpuna lines. A registration form may be deferred to a wider kaumātua validation committee for further advice.

The Register
The register will be used as a basis for voting:
• On Iwi issues
• On Land Claims issues
• On Fisheries issues
• Election of Trust Trustees
• Changes to the Trust Deed Register of Beneficiaries

Voting Age
All members are such from birth however, the age for voting is 18 years and over. Persons 18 years and over should complete individual registration forms.

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