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The YP of the Year Award application is due August 9, 2019. Award recipients will be notified by August 19, 2019.
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Do you have video footage available showing you on the job, in training, or in the classroom (either as a volunteer or as a student)? If yes, please describe briefly and provide the link (e.g. YouTube or Vimeo). Your decision to include or exclude a link to a video will not impact your chances of being selected.
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SGCI Participation
Have you participated in an SGCI activities such as webinars, Bootcamp, conference, internships, classes, and workshops? Please list any activities attended.
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Have you signed up for the SGCI Young Professionals Network? *
If not, you can sign up here:
Should you be selected as a YP of the Year, it's likely that we'll need to make travel arrangements on your behalf. Please let us know which airport is closest to you.
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Nomination Statement
Provide a statement of one single-spaced page supporting your nomination. Try to answer the following question prompts in your response, and please try to avoid acronyms:

1. What are your gateway achievements during the last five years and their importance?
2. What gets you excited about your career path every day?
3. Was there on particular individual or event that inspired you toward your career path? If so, please describe.
4. How would you describe your work or studies to a high-school student?
5. Describe your recent volunteer activities and explain how this experience has affected you or your career.

Your nomination statement should be uploaded to this Dropbox folder:
Be sure to include your name in the title of your document.

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