Engagement Coordinator Application
Hello, and thank you for your interest in becoming an engagement coordinator for Inspire your Future!

We are curating a series of live talks with leading academics and grad students to inspire and engage young people - empowering them with knowledge and the curiosity to learn. You can find out more at our website: Inspireyourfuture.co.uk or contact us.

Engagement Coordinator Requirements:
-Reach out to schools or school teachers to introduce them to Inspire your Future, provide information regarding our talks and kindly ask them to advertise our website to their students.
-Reach out to entrepreneurs, online platforms, organisations once a month to help promote Inspire your Future.
-Be in secondary/high school or university/college
-Have some experience in outreach, public relations, growth coordinating, marketing, or social media

As an Engagement Coordinator, you would be responsible for the growth and impact of Inspire your Future. Helping is to expand and reach a wider audience. Thus you will reach out to school and other educational facilities to provide details of our talks and our mission. You will be responsible for helping to advertise Inspire your Future through a range of channels and connecting with schools to make this possible.

Why should you apply? The benefits of joining our team include:
*Networking with like-minded people and mentors
*Having a platform to share your ideas and experience
*Strengthening your communication, public relations, and outreach skills
*Key skills to improve your resume

Please complete this application with as much detail as possible. Bullet points are fine.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at applications@inspireyourfuture.co.uk

Good Luck!
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