Official FTB Wiki General Survey #2
What Minecraft version(s) do you usually play on?
What Minecraft version(s) should the editors of the FTB Wiki focus on?
What particular mod(s) should the editors of the FTB Wiki take attention to/document?
Your answer
What modpack launchers/mod managers do you use regularly?
What language(s) are you proficient in?
If you speak a language other than English (if you don't, skip this question), how interested are you in documentation translated to your language?
How often do you contribute to the FTB Wiki?
If you don't contribute very much, why not?
What platform do you usually use when viewing the FTB Wiki?
What platforms should the FTB Wiki improve accessibility to?
What web browser(s) do you usually use to browse the FTB Wiki?
When using the wiki, which skin do you regularly use? (you can change the skin in your preferences, under appearance)
Before you go...
Before you go, we just wanted to thank you for using the FTB Wiki and help us by submitting this survey. If you are interested in contributing, the following page will help you out ->

If you are interested, we highly encourage you to visit us and hang out with us on Discord ( or on IRC (#ftb-wiki, Espernet) (the two are bridged).

If you are a mod author interested in having your mod documented on the FTB Wiki, we can't guarantee anything since we're usually a bit busy, but feel extra free to poke us.

Do you have any final suggestions or words for the Official FTB Wiki?
Your answer
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