Aerial Physique Teacher Training Application
Thank you for your interest in Teacher Training! We are honored you chose Aerial Physique for your aerial education needs.

We hold high standards for our teacher trainees along with safety, proper technique and class etiquette.
Applicants must have a minimum of 2-3 years of aerial silk experience and be over the age of 18 to apply. In addition to this application form, we require an aerial skills video submission to be uploaded and a $25 USD application fee.

This fee includes a review of your application and video by Jill Franklin along with feedback.

Required Skills for Level One Aerial Physique Teacher Training courses:
See a sample video here:

-Classic Climb
-Opposite Side Inversion Climb (with straight legs)
-Single Foot Lock on both sides
-Hip Key on both sides (with straight legs)
-Eggbeater foot locks into Splits
-Cross Back Straddle
-1 Pull-Up (minimum)
-3 Straddle Inversions in a row (with straight legs)

*Video submissions with skills performed from a tree will not be accepted

Additional Requirements:
-Skills must be demonstrated in their entirety with clean technique & ease of movement
-Applicants must have a minimum of 2-3 years of aerial silks experience
-Must be age 18+ to apply
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Movement History - Please indicate movement background/training (aerial, dance, gymnastics, Pilates, yoga etc.) *We require a minimum of 2 years of aerial silk experience to take part in the teacher training program. *
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Teaching History - Do you currently teach aerial or any other type of movement? If so, how long & where. *
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What are your intentions for taking the Aerial Physique Teacher Training course? Please be clear if you're taking it mainly to benefit your own personal aerial practice or if you intend to teach aerial (if you're not already teaching). *
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Do you have any injuries or physical limitations? If so please explain.
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What talents, strengths, skills do you possess that you believe will make you an effective aerial instructor? *
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Teacher Training Terms & Conditions
Aerial Physique Teacher Training Terms & Conditions

1) A single payment of $1299 USD or 3 payments of $450 USD is required to attend. Payment for the teacher training program is NON-REFUNDABLE or TRANSFERABLE.

2) Attendees will receive a Certificate of Completion from Aerial Physique Inc. upon completion of the following:
-Attendance of all 30 in-class hours of training
-Completion of in-class and homework assignments
-Passing scores on the written, skills & teaching tests
-CPR/First Aid certification

3) Attendees must be ages 18+.

4) Aerial Physique Inc. maintains specific criteria and codes of conduct and holds the exclusive, first right of refusal and/or has authority to deny approval necessary for any individual applicant or group of applicant(s).

5) Duplication of the Aerial Physique Teacher Training course formula in any form, by any means, or intention, is strictly prohibited. Aerial Physique Inc. holds inalienable rights 'of and to' all instruct-able course materials, visual or written. Any violation of structured Aerial Physique formulas is punishable to the maximum extent possible by law.

6) NO LEVELS can name/announce their classes, studio or workshops, ‘Aerial Physique’ without written permission from Jill Franklin and a franchise fee.

7) NO LEVELS can use the Aerial Physique logo or promotional materials without written permission from Jill Franklin.

8) Certificates provided by Aerial Physique cannot be modified or copied. Doing so will result in legal action and removal of your certification.

9) If Jill Franklin is the leader of the course you applied for; in the event of an unforeseen circumstance that would prevent her to lead the course, an Aerial Physique Master Trainer will be appointed by Jill Franklin to lead the course on her behalf.

*Along with this application please email a short video of your current aerial skill level (or share social media links) to A minimum of 2 years of aerial experience, solid basic climb, straddle inversion climbs, hip key, foot locks in the air, cross back straddle and straight arm & long arm holds are required to attend Level One. Visit the link below to view a sample video -

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