Staff Application | Monarch
Our official staff application form, feel free to apply. We need staff to moderate the server and assist the community at all times. Being a staff member is a crucial part of this community and requires a lot of work, so this job isn't for everyone you need to be engaging and available 24/7.
Email address *
How would you welcome a new person to the server *
A new player arrives on the server, what would you do to feel this member apart of this community?
How long have you been a member of our community? *
Since what date or in months, days or weeks
What is your age? *
Minimum age to apply is fourteen years old, if you are under fourteen please wait.
What languages can you speak? *
Are you very good in specific lanuages, something that can be used in the server?
What can be improved at our server/community nowadays? *
Scripts, new rules etc?
What is the purpose of a staff member *
Do you agree to not share your answers and not to ask any staff member to review this application? *
How many hours/days in a week *
Estimated not accurate
Discord Username [USERNAME#0000] *
We would need your discord username to make sure who you are and your history.
A modder is spawning in a lot of different vehicles and props, what would you do to find who it is? *
What is the most important rule for you and why? *
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