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I usually recommend my clients' start with a powerful foundational supplement called Shakeology. It is an incredibly nutrient dense formula that supports the body in several capacities with over 70 superfoods per serving. What flavor of Shakeology would you like to try first? (Flavors are Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, cafe latte -OR- Vegan flavors- Best for those with digestive sensitivities: Chocolate, vanilla, tropical strawberry, & cafe latte) *
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Are you interested in a wholesale/coach membership? (You can register for FREE to get all your supplements/goods at wholesale cost with a $15.95 monthly membership fee. Think Costco! Big savings!) *
Are you interested in joining our team of health coaches and building a business of your own? *This can be as part-time or full-time as you'd like. We have everything set up for you to help you be successful! Our team is among the top of the company and was named a 2020 Elite team. We know how to make anyone successful whose willing to learn! *
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