LPIRG Project and Event Funding Application Form

LPIRG believes that positive social change though citizen education and direct participation in the processes of public policy and program creation is possible. Democratic citizens have a responsibility to participate in educating themselves and others on social justice issues and to act on this education. LPIRG primarily focuses on sustainable development, inclusiveness and diversity in its activities. We believe that diversity in viewpoints must be respected and encouraged if strong communities are to be created.

LPIRG funds projects and events that are deemed to be in the public interest, and that are typically not funded through other sources. Events must fit within the above value statements of LPIRG. LPIRG WILL NOT fund projects and events that are hosted by corporations, or have funding partners that go against the values of LPIRG.

Please fill out the following form - it will be submitted directly to LPIRG for consideration. We highly recommend this application be made no fewer that 30 days in advance of the event - we cannot guarantee funding ahead of your event if this application is submitted less than 30 days in advance of the event. We can process applications for post-event funding if deadline is not met.

Please send an email to pirg@uleth.ca to let us know the form can been completed and submitted, and any supporting documents and budget.
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