TheRussianTiger Dance Crew Sponsorship (Application)
This sponsorship award is for a dance crew in need. The money in this sponsorship can go to paying for practice space in a studio, putting on a showcase event, crew shirts, etc. This application must include a youtube video. Decisions are passion based, not skill based. Crews receiving the sponsorship are required to give back to their community. For example: by doing a free workshop in their school or community center.

<b>Award Details:</b>
- Award Amount: $250 USD
- Number of award given out per year: 1
- Application deadline: Jan 30th 2013
- Decision: Feb 10th 2013

<b>Application Summary:</b>
- Fill out information about you & your crew
- Answer one essay question
- Provide a YouTube video
Name of Crew
Date Founded:
Hometown & Country:
Number of members:
Dance styles:
Crew leader Name & Email Address
Crew format:
Clear selection
Dance Crew Roster (Please list full name of member, age, the dance styles they perform, and year they joined)
Please list events performed at, battles participated in, past showcases, workshops, classes, etc:
The most important part of this application is the essay question. This is where I get to learn more about your crew.
The essay question below are not judged on writing ability. Please answer the prompt below in 400-500 words:
What are your goals as a dance crew and what would you use the money in this sponsorship for? Also discuss the challenges you have been through and why you need this sponsorship. Lastly, if you receive the sponsorship how would you give back to the community in your area?
Please submit a YouTube video that shows the majority of your crew dancing (solo or group). The video can be a performance, battle, highlight reel, or just practice footage. *Video is not primarily judged based on dancer ability.
Place YouTube video link here:
Simply click submit below to send your application. Please do not send it in parts, this entire page containing all your information (including video) must be submitted together. Applicants can be from any country, any age. No purchase necessary. If you have any questions please email:

DEADLINE is JAN 30th 2013, 11:59PM EST
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